Excerpts from: Washington Post, May 12, 2020, Nobody Is Protected From President Trump


But science is no match for tribalism in this dysfunctional country. Truth is whatever validates your prejudices, feeds your sense of grievance and fuels your antipathy toward the people you’ve decided are on some other side.

Frank Bruni, journalist

I’ve often heard that this once-in-a-generation crisis will bring us together, making us realize how much we need one another.
But it may well be driving us farther apart. Income inequality hasn’t been writ this large and gruesomely in decades. Red state vs. blue state and rural vs. urban tensions steer politicians’ and the public’s actions and words. And a potentially lifesaving accommodation is a badge of so much — of too much — more.

Masks have unmasked immeasurable distrust in America. Who’s working on the vaccine for that?