Henry Lackey, who runs the Route 66 Junkyard Brewery out of an old salvage yard, also opposes a rapid reopening. In pre-pandemic times, the 47-year-old served beer in a spacious garage filled with classic cars, including a 1974 red Corvette Stingray and a 1928 Lincoln Limo, both in working order.

Shut down since Feb. 28, he said he’s willing to be patient before he reopens the taps, especially given that many of the people who visit are elderly, road-tripping tourists.

“I’ve got one customer that comes in here with one lung. Would I be able to look her family in the face if she got an infection traced back to here?” he said. “Not being open is bad for business. But killing your customers is really bad for business.”

source: Robert Klemko and Griff Witte, Washington Post,

America’s coronavirus divide is reflected in two New Mexico mayors. One asked for a lockdown. The other defied orders.