The Mexican-American artist Mauricio Ramirez splits his time between Chicago and Milwaukee, Wis., where his family lives, and has been painting murals since he was 16.

“My news feed was filled with Covid-19 and I just got sick of it,” he said. He had the desire to create something positive for health care workers. “I just wanted to let them know they’re appreciated.”

He chose a mixed-used building with a pristine masonry brick facade in the residential neighborhood Lincoln Village as the canvas for his 15-foot tall, 30-foot-wide work, “Frontline Heroes.” “The building is across the street from a basilica in an area that looks a little bit like Rome, and some of my family members have been baptized there,” he said.

The striking mural with geometric waves shows a nurse wearing a mask in a prayer-like pose, with the colors of the Puerto Rican and Mexican flags in the background. Mr. Ramirez started the mural on April 9, finished it in two days, and said that everyone on his Instagram post has been tagging a health care worker.

source: NYTimes

Mauricio Ramirez, painter