Any personal advice on what might help with isolation?

A sense of humor. There’s all this nonsense about loo paper. There’s two very funny videos. Apparently one is of a man sitting on his loo and a dog comes in and steals the loo roll. And then there’s another of a different man sitting on another loo and the dog comes and grabs one end of the roll and you follow him. He goes down the stairs and the man on the loo is sitting watching as his loo paper is reeling away in front of him. The dog takes it to another man. During all of this we have to keep a sense of humor.


Being isolated has made me think of what it must be like for chimpanzees who were isolated in captivity, who depend on physical closeness and touch.

source: WAPO, Jane Goodall Is Self-Isolating, Too— She’s in England, in the house she grew up in, and she has a few thoughts about chimpanzees, the coronavirus pandemic and the loo paper shortage.

Jane Goodall, author, primatologist