“Only five women have been nominated for the best director Oscar, and only one has won in the Oscars’ 92-year history: Kathryn Bigelow in 2010 for The Hurt Locker. The Golden Globes, held just over a week ago, also came under fire for their lack of diversity, with no women nominated for best director either.”

Adrian Horton, The Guardian

‘’It would be nice if the Academy voters and the people who make the movies they judge were as interested in the inner lives of women, people of color and people who aren’t American or British as they are in white men.

Maybe the only way that will happen is if people who have traditionally been on the outside get the ability to cause as much trouble as the white men who so often end up at the center of the story. Until then, the Academy could do worse than to nominate movies that at least show some skepticism about men, instead of taking their heroism and morality for granted.”

Alyssa Rosenberg, journalist

source What the 2020 Oscar nominations tell us about white men