[It’s] one thing when he’s baiting Democrats, quite another when he’s thumbing his nose at international law. On Twitter he threatened to bomb important cultural sites in Iran and later explained to reporters aboard Air Force One that if it and other countries were going to engage in terrorism and torture, hell, why should we be any better?

Here, Mr. President, is the reason: because we aspire to values that are actually worth fighting for. And the day we take our cues from the likes of the Taliban and the Islamic State is the day we should just junk the Statue of Liberty and retire the national anthem.

Please, God, let Richard Nixon’s “madman theory” of international relations — which held that an aura of recklessness might cow adversaries — have merit. Otherwise, there’s no telling where this mad man might drag us.


Source: We Can’t Afford Trump as Our Commander in Chief (He lacks the counsel, character and credibility to lead us into war.)