When President Trump took office, we were already running out of time to save this Earth. He has not just stalled any future efforts,

he has reversed the progress that was made, proving that his cruelty is not just limited to human beings, it spreads out to the entire planet.

He has called climate change a hoax; he has even called it bull—-. He has made absurd comments about raking forests to prevent fires and makes it a point to boycott any global meeting on climate change. He is dangerous on so many fronts, but it’s important that we look at the danger he poses to this fragile blue ball we call Earth.

But Trump is only part of the story. Generations of neglect and greed have altered the balance of our planet, set us on a path to a future that’s frightening.

I’m one of millions of people who grieve over the landscape of their home states, over what that landscape has turned into and what has been lost. Whether from floods or hurricanes or fires, we are left staring at the damage inflicted by our past lack of concern for protecting the Earth.

As of now, the buildings that hold my father’s legacy are untouched by flames. But we all have a legacy in this life. Putting America on the path of trying to save this Earth would be a good one for all of us to aspire to. Electing a leader who sees that as his or her legacy is more important than ever.

Source: My father’s library will likely survive the fires, but the California of my youth is gone

Patti Davis, daughter of President Ronald Reagan, actress, author