“There’s being crude with language, there’s being loose with it, and then there’s being Trump, who uses words the way a toddler does marbles, grabbing the ones that are most bluntly colorful and tossing them into the air just because he can.

Trump is as inept at English as he is at governing. He’s oxymoronic: a nativist who can’t really speak his native tongue.

Too harsh? I direct you to “perfect.” That is how, over and over, he has characterized his telephone conversation with the president of Ukraine, and seldom has a term existed in such tension with truth.

“Perfect” is Nadia Comaneci on the uneven bars at the 1976 Olympics. “Perfect” is Frank Sinatra singing “Summer Wind.”


Source: Human Scum,’ ‘Lynching’ and Trump’s Tortured English / The president needs a thesaurus and a therapist, though not necessarily in that order.

Frank Bruni, journalist