Takis Vassilakis, 1925-2019, kinetic sculptor, Greek

Takis is world-renowned for his investigations of the gap between art and science. Since the early 1950s, he has explored new aesthetic territories, creating three-dimensional works of art that incorporate invisible energies as a fourth, active element. Takis, who describes himself as an “instinctive scientist,”

employs powerful, elemental forces to generate the forms, movements, and musical sounds of both his static and kinetic works.

Takis’s family and early life were extarted by the German occupation during the Second World War and the Greek Civil War that followed it, and he received no formal education in art. Instead, living and working in Paris, New York and Athens,

he synthesized a broad range of ideas and experiences – from intensive scientific research to ancient philosophy and Zen Buddhism to encounters with other artists and writers – to forge a unique, category-defying vision that continues to evolve today. Time, space, energy and even political activism are primary materials for Takis.

source: Wikipedia