” the weight of the government should not be used to destroy the lives of witnesses who are called to testify. “

source: Anita Hill: How to Get the Kavanaugh Hearings Right The Senate Judiciary Committee has a chance to do better by the country than it did nearly three decades ago.

Anita Hill, professor, attorney, asks if the United States Senate Judiciary Committee has learned anything since 1991. 

In 1991 Anita Hill testified about sexual assaults by then Supreme Court Justice nominee Clarence Thomas during his confirmation hearings.

Now the same Committee, with some of the same members face Christine Blasey Ford’s claim of being sexually assaulted by Judge Brett Kavanaugh as he too is being confirmed for a position on the Supreme Court.

Has their process been improved? How might it be? Is there any responsibility to the American public to do a better job this time around?