Norman Bates: So… where are you off too?

Marion Crane: Oh, I don’t know. I guess I’m looking for a private island someplace where I can be alone and no one can find me.

Norman Bates: What are you running away from?  No one really runs away from anything. It’s like a private trap that holds us in like a prison. You know what I think? I think that we’re all in our private traps, clamped in them, and none of us can ever get out. We scratch and we claw, but only at the air, only at each other, and for all of it, we never budge an inch.

Marion Crane: Sometimes… we deliberately step into those traps.


— Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins) and Marion Crane (Janet Leigh) from Psycho, 1960. Director Alfred Hitchcock, 50 Greatest Films of All Time – British Film Institute