“what is clear is that the former president [Obama] believes that one of the best ways to improve the state of global politics is to increase the number of women at the policymaking table and minimize the presence of men who are incapable of the leadership he believes is needed to move the world forward.”

Eugene Scott, journalist, on Barack Obama’s town hall talk


“Women in particular . . . I want you to get more involved. Because men have been getting on my nerves lately.

I mean, every day I read the newspaper and I just think like, ‘Brothers, what’s wrong with you guys? What’s wrong with us?’ I mean, we’re violent, we’re bullying. You know, just not handling our business. So I think empowering more women on the continent — that right away is going to lead to some better policies.”

Barack Obama, president. town hall meeting in Johannesburg, South Africa on women balancing out the political state of affairs in the world.

Source: Obama says ‘men have been getting on my nerves lately,’ urges women to enter political fray