It’s approximately Sunday. And here I am back in my garden again with coffee in hand. Does twice make a habit? In a circling state of déjà vu – here once more, a Poem and her Haiku about… Pygmalion.

What others hold you to – does it make a difference? In a word, yes. Recall in Metamorphosis, Ovid’s sculptor carved his dream companion in statue form. His longing for love, and most critically Aphrodite’s intervention, brings his bride-to-be to life.

The power of this tale is perhaps, a love triangle: a change agent; a believer; and the art of result.  All three elements make up what psychologist call the Pygmalion Effect.  As for the phenomenal horse do read the News story in the link below.

– Douglas

Circle of Influence

(a Haiku)
Like Pygmalion, You
An Expect Has The Affect
Carves You, Statue, New

©haikunews, d.w.moore

Ringing Endorsement

(a poem)
Thought you didn’t, have it in you?
But someone says, most sure you might.
A belief in your potential
Reveals a path, which sets your sights,
Begets a circle, spun to grow,
Due diligence, then makes it so.

©haikunews, d.w.moore

In the News: The Pygmalion Effect: Proving Them Right


Jean-Leon Gérôme painted Pygmalion and Galatea (featured image) several times – seeking the perfect expression. Belief of a higher standard, going further than before, doesn’t necessarily depend on someone else believing in our potential. We can do this for ourselves. As did Gérôme in this only extant version – a definitive expression of his best efforts and highest standard.