A poem and a haiku greeted me this morning.

We three sat in my garden, over a croissant and cappuccino.  I’m feeling rather French sitting here in my Monet-esque garden – the result of 7 years of considerable effort.  Those clever French are always thinking up amazing things like, well equality, fraternity, liberty, the statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower.

I’m happy to simply be mindful of the beauty. The Haiku and the Poem however have other thoughts on the strange math of our so-called democracy where the whole majority-minority paradigm has a terrible case of blight.

As I’m choosing a quiet reflective morning, they can speak for themselves and I’ll just continue my meditations on it finally, finally being spring.

PS –  BY THE WAY – A warm thanks to the 20 people who have graced my efforts at poetic gardening with a follow.


Democratic Mathematics

(a Haiku)

forty-nine per cent
1 asleep, 1 on a fence

forty-nine per cent

The Other 1 %

(a Poem)

we learned in school
the ruler’s rule:
a minority
tips decidedly
to majority
d.w.moore, haikunews

And in the news: Tyranny of the Minority