Ever have a poem (or any form of expressive art) that hangs around, won’t go away and won’t cooperate? Haunts but doesn’t quite share your goals or a common language for that matter.

Is your muse recalcitrant? Here’s a poem on grappling with the artsy indigents.

In the BBC News link below: Top 10 tips for being a successful poet. Of particular interest are “6. If you get stuck” and “10. Revise and persevere”

May this post be of service.

– d.w.m.


Vice of Verses

or The Vagrant Poem

My mind is not a coffee house
Where you can hang out, doing nothing
It’s time to pull your weight, no doubts
As your barista, I’m not bluffing

You may mumble, circle, shuffle
A Laissez-Faire extravaganza
“What’s my purpose?,”  so you puzzle
While, uninspired, lounge on a stanza

Have you not a coin for meter,
No rhyme or reason for lines coupled?
You’ll say “Free is so much sweeter.
“So why be clear, there’s always subtle”

So do agree, to wrap this up
Your independence, just illusion
My anxious nature turns abrupt
Let’s compromise in writ conclusion

©d.w.m, haikunews

In the news: Top 10 tips for being a successful poet