Around 8 million tons of plastic enter the oceans each year – the equivalent of dumping a garbage truck’s worth into the seas every minute for a year. Once in the ocean, much of this waste is pulled into huge areas… one of which is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch – where circular currents allow the trash to accumulate, circulate and slowly break down.  Source

Fish, birds, amphibians and reptiles eat the plastic, become entangled and are expiring at an alarming rate. This poem ruminates.


3 Times the Size of France


a 6 pack garrotte,
awaits your slow ways
it’s food, so you thought,
but now it just stays

Darwin had no doubt,
here’s how you adapt
you stick your neck out,
but that’s now a trap

on birdless islands,
the size 3 times France
calls above silence
survives a mere chance