“Truth’s quite hard to find these days. Art that doesn’t contain lies isn’t really a great piece of art. I don’t mind lying, but I don’t want to deceive people.”

After so many years relying on others, every one of the works in his new series of “Veil Paintings” was done by his hand and his alone, he said. Twenty-four huge oil works in splashes of blood red, electric blue and rich gold are his homage to the glorious color harmonies by the post-Impressionist Pierre Bonnard. Their meaning?

“I make it up after the fact,” Mr. Hirst said. “I don’t even know what this kind of work is. They make me happy, they feel good to look at, they sort of confuse me.” Maybe the public is too busy trying to pin down one meaning, he mused. Maybe there is none.

Damien Hirst regarding his Veil Paintings, a homage to Pierre Bonnard

Pierre Bonnard, Nude in Bath with Small Dog