“What came first­: fiction or reality?”

Mario Wezel, German, photographer


Mario Wezel

“What was your main intent in creating your exibit: Do You Sometimes Dream of America?

In the beginning it was really to show how much or how little this country is what we think it is­…

how far our expectations are mislead through the constant consumption of American culture. I stumbled across the expression ‘cultural imperialism’—I find it an interesting way to define the impact the U.S. media and culture have on the rest of the world.

I always have and still consume American pop culture, and I’ve found the recurring themes of those productions in the country’s daily life, although in a much more ordinary way than the cliche representations in movies or books. In many cases I’ve found myself wondering whether people do some things because they saw it in a movie first or if the movie was inspired by real life. What came first­: fiction or reality?”

From the Interview with FotoRoom