Part 2 , (Part 1)


poems are feral

lurking at first

fleeing rescue, while

dying of thirst


when i approach

anxiety  growl

when  i retreat, an

unearthly howl


hunting my mind

at edge, some scat

you evade thought, leave

clues i can track


we’re both loners

not enemies

what name fits us both –

Diogenese ?*


* Diogenese was a Greek philosopher and one of the founders of Cynic philosophy. He believed human beings live artificially and hypocritically and would do well to study dogs who are thought to know instinctively who is friend and who is foe. Unlike human beings who either dupe others or are duped, dogs will give an honest bark at the truth. The term “cynic” itself derives from the Greek word κυνικός, kynikos, “dog-like” and that from κύων, kyôn, “dog” (genitive: kynos).

And so I ask, just how much is a wild dog like a poem that is untamed and unrealized evading capture somewhere in our mind?