Part 2, (Part 1)





I won. You’re done.

It’s time, resign!


Colliding with Russians can’t be a sin.

So spun conclusions of “lock-her-up” Flynn.

Now find me the votes and get that repeal,

Or here’s the Price Tom, one dirty health bill.

Anarchy Steve loved firing his cannon.

But then it backfired on poor Mr. Bannon.


Resignio!” infiltrated each psyche,

Planting discord like Loki but tidy.

You did a great job, was never my fault;

Next window, two Macs, Fillets and a malt.


Time to clean house, don’t have to make sense.

Resumé time for wonk Preibus the Reince.

“Great ratings!”  tweeted TV’s big Kaiser.

Well then, Covfefe!” ex-press’d Sean the Spicer.

There’s no recuse for this kind of transgression.

Who’s your Daddy now Jeff Beauregard Sessions?


End of Part 2, v. 1

d.w. moore, nighmare induced thoughts falling asleep to “Fire and Fury” by M. Wolff