“American voters support stricter gun laws 66-31 percent, the highest level of support ever measured by the independent Quinnipiac University National Poll,

with 50-44 percent support among gun owners and 62-35 percent support from white voters with no college degree and 58-38 percent support among white men.

Today’s result is up from a negative 47-50 percent measure of support in a December 23, 2015, survey . . .  Support for universal background checks is itself almost universal, 97-2 percent, including 97-3 percent among gun owners. Support for gun control on other questions is at its highest level since the Quinnipiac University Poll began focusing on this issue in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre.”

There will be a slew of polls, no doubt, but it is fair to say that the ground is shifting on the topic. That provides an unusual opportunity for those seeking new gun safety laws.

If Republicans are the party of status quo, the party that says there is nothing to be done, the voters may not react well.

Jennifer Rubin, journalist, Washington Post, Feb. 21, 2018, source: Voters Are Running Out of Patience