“By the way, if you’re wondering why coverage of the huge marches yesterday seems kind of muted, it’s because those hundreds of thousands weren’t sitting in diners in small-town America, and therefore don’t count. Also many of them were women.”

Paul Krugman, journalist. twitter feed January 21, 2018

“Looking at the sheer size of the protests happening across the country, it’s clear the Resistance is

the most underestimated, unappreciated, and underreported political movement in modern American history.”

Matt McDermott, pollster, strategist

“In Los Angeles, an estimated 350,000 people took to the streets, and in Chicago, 300,000. New York City claimed 200,000. Even red states saw decent-size turnouts.

According to an analysis by Media Matters for America, the Sunday morning news shows all but ignored the mass event. “Meet the Press” granted the subject a mere 20-second exchange.

…the lack of [media] attention also demonstrates how even with the #MeToo movement, it is ingrained to treat the concerns of women as secondary”

Source: Journalist ,
Washington Post – Why is the Media Ignoring the Women’s March?