King reads Gandhi

“there comes a time when silence is betrayal.”

M.L. King Jr.

14 Quotes: Martin Luther King Jr.


Philosopher, Professor Emory University, George Yancy

“America has made a Faustian deal”

Source NYTimes: Will America Choose King’s Dream or Trump’s Nightmare?


If Americans are courageous enough, ethical enough, have a strong enough conscience, a broad sense of history, and refuse to play a dangerous and stupid game of selling their souls for party loyalty, then perhaps we are prepared to accept the truth that America has lost any moral standing that it once presumably possessed. We are certainly not “the light of the world.” We are not “that city that is set on a hill” that “cannot be hidden.” If Mr. Trump’s white supremacist behavior in the White House doesn’t get called out and stopped, then America needs to hide its face, run away in shame, and declare national and international moral forfeiture. The American people need to scream at the top of their voices, “America is morally bankrupt under Donald Trump.” America has made a Faustian deal, one that many politicians are too weak-willed and gutless to confront.


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George Yancy, professor, Op Ed journalist, philosopher