Harry: “What did you do that for?”

Marie: “I’ve been  wondering whether I’d like it.’

Harry: “What’s the decision?”

Marie: “I don’t know yet”


Marie ‘Slim’ Browning (Lauren Bacall) to Harry Morgan (Humphrey Bogart) in the 1944 film To Have and Have Not. Directed by Howard Hawks. Based on the novel by Ernest Hemingway. Screenplay by William Faulkner

Here I pull a quote from the scene’s opening dialogue – as Bacall defines the seductive, confident, self-possessed woman.  Lauren Bacall was 19, Bogart was 45. In spite of this being her first film and playing against megastar Humphrey Bogart she manages to control her nervous, shaking neck by lowering her jaw. The second part of this scene of course is the most infamous, The Whistle Scene.

“Bacall’s first screen kiss – six months later they were husband and wife”


“You know how to whistle, don’t you Steve?

You just put your lips together, and… blow.”